Announcing the Arrival of Mad Love Sparkling Mead

I’m delighted to report that the Mad Love Sparkling Mead is hitting shelves this week. This mead is made with honey from Mad Urban Bees, an urban apiary located in Madison, Wisconsin.

This mead is light, sparkling and very easy to drink. It’s a great local substitute for Cava or Champagne. Drink it with someone you love or toast your single independence in style!

Here’s where you can find it in Madison:

It is available starting Today (Tuesday 2/11/14) at Star Liquor, Trixie’s Liquor, Jennifer Street Market, HyVee on Washington, Woodman’s West and Woodman’s East.

Starting Wednesday 2/12/14, Steve’s on University will have it.

Starting Thursday 2/13/14, you can find it at Willy Street Coop West, Barriques (Fitchburg and Middleton), Steve’s on McKee Rd, and Whole Foods.

Friday, 2/14/14, it will arrive at Riley’s downtown.

Go forth and sparkle!

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Mad Urban Mead Is Here

This fall Bos Meadery embarked on a special project to create a mead made entirely with honey from Mad Urban Bees, an urban apiary in Madison. We call it Mad Urban Mead and it is a special release of only 120 bottles released.

With hives hosted all around the city, Mad Urban Bees honey is from the flowers, trees, parks, and gardens of Madison itself. The spicy flavors of the mead made from this unique honey are an excellent accompaniment to a holiday meal.

The mead tastes like no other released by Bos Meadery, because it is made with a honey like no other. The flavors in the mead are spicy with hints of cinnamon, cardamom, sandalwood and lightly smoked lychee.  These all come directly from the honey itself; there are no added flavors.

It is hitting the shelves at stores around Madison starting this weekend.

Special Release: Mad Urban Mead

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Bos Mead Available On-line Via

Bos Meadery is delighted to announce the start of on-line sales at If you live in the following states, you can buy Bos Mead on this website:  Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wyoming.

Michigan, Illinois and Virginia, I hope to have the permits in place to sell to you in a month or so. Folks in other states, if you are interested, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

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