Philly D Slim w/Young Ward, Maestro & Ross Augusta, and Rio Mutasim

Philly D Slim is a Chicago-based singer/songwriter and composer.  Born in small-town Wisconsin, he brought his introspective lyrics and folk-inspired pop sounds to the big city in 2016 where he has played over 60 live shows and is an active member of the Louder Than a Bomb movement, empowering underprivileged high school students through writing and spoken word poetry.  He is join by Young Ward, the dynamic folk rock duo featuring Spencer Adamson on keys and Xavier Ward on guitar/banjo.
Maestro & Ross Augusta are an R&B duo from Chicago, IL. With Maestro playing the keys and Ross Augusta on drums, the two talented vocalists have performed at many major venues across the Midwest and, in 2017, founded Locke & Betts Productions, LLC to focus on producing music for recording artists and releasing diverse entertainment media.
Rio Mutasim is an independent musician, singer/songwriter, composer, director and producer.  Born and raised in Chicago, he performs with a live band, bringing the same energy he brings to his craft and music to the stage for the world to hear.