Bos Meadery

About Us

Peter and Colleen

Bos Meadery was founded in 2012 by Colleen Bos, Peter DeVault and Jeannine Bos

The Bos Meadery Tasting Room opened in 2015. Colleen Bos, a former medievalist and long-time homebrewer, has also attended Siebel Institute’s concise course on brewing technology and has over 12 years of experience as a project manager in research and technology fields.

We make a number of meads here at Bos Meadery, many of them available all year ’round. We pride ourselves on using local and regionally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Our honey is never pasteurized, so it maintains its many health benefits throughout the fermentation process, and our finished meads are naturally gluten-free.

Bos Meadery seeks to bring mead into the 21st century and introduce it to the thriving community of local foodies and craft beverage lovers in Wisconsin. Our emphasis is on using quality ingredients to create highly quaffable dry and sparkling modern meads. Mead Made Modern!

Our Meads

At its most basic, Mead is simply fermented water and honey. It’s typically about the strength of wine (11-14% ABV), although we offer several “session” meads (6.5%). This is Field to Glass drinking that reflects the flavor of the surrounding landscape. Bos Mead is the essence of the flora of Wisconsin in drinkable form.

Like craft beer, there are endless variations of mead: mead with fruit; mead with herbs and spices (like black pepper or lavender); mead fermented with fruit juices and so on. Mead can be dry or sweet, sparkling or still (uncarbonated).

It is the world’s oldest fermented beverage and shows up throughout the great myths and legends of history. And no wonder: it gives you a very happy buzz!