About Mead

Mead is fermented water and honey. It’s about the strength of wine, and it’s like drinking the aroma of honey. Great mead reflects the flavor of its landscape, and Bos Mead is the essence of the flora of Wisconsin in drinkable form.

Like craft beer, there are endless variations of mead: mead with fruit; mead with herbs and spices (like black pepper or lavender); mead fermented with fruit juices and so on. Mead can be dry or sweet, sparkling or still (uncarbonated).

It is the world’s oldest fermented beverage and shows up throughout the great myths and legends of history. And no wonder: it gives you a very happy buzz!

Mead is enjoying a renaissance here in the United States. Check out the links below to learn more about mead in the 21st century.

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NPR: Medieval no More

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