Check It Out: Urban Beekeeping and Local Honey

Nathan Clarke is taking urban beekeeping to a new level by spreading beekeeping throughout Madison. Wisconsin State Journal has written a nice article about his efforts.

Nathan is also going to be processing the honey he collects, so Madison will have it’s first local source of urban honey. I hope to use his honey at Bos Meadery.

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5 Responses to Check It Out: Urban Beekeeping and Local Honey

  1. Val says:

    I can’t believe that he is going to go from just 2 hives to 50! This is great news for Madison, thanks for sharing his story. Wish someone would do this in my town.

  2. Itachi says:

    definitely something I want to do one day but I don’t have the roseurces yet. I also wonder how the neighbors would like there being actual bees around all the time but I’ll have to figure that out. How do you handle winter temps with the bees? Any issues yourself with this colony collapse situation?As a side note it occurred to me that for anyone also holding gold & silver, especially? small little gold, letting some stay in the hive box may keep it safe

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