Updates on Planning

Despite my delight in completing the TTB paperwork several months back, I am going to be resubmitting it. There were issues with the initial space I had planned and now I’m looking for a larger commercial space on the near east side of Madison, Wisconsin.

The good news is that doing the paperwork once already, I have no doubt that I can move through the process very quickly as soon as I find a new location. If you have suggestions on a great available location in Madison, Wisconsin, I welcome your suggestions.

In the meantime, I continue to revise my processes and improve my recipes and I think it could end up being a best case scenario to have had a summer to practice using the new 42-gallon fermenters for home mead-making purposes.

I’m certainly delighted to have that much mead available for tasting at home! I have a 31-gallon batch of Pomegranate Pyment and and a 31-gallon batch of Buckwheat mead percolating loudly as I type this.

More news to come!

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2 Responses to Updates on Planning

  1. Dan Baldwin says:

    Bravo on starting your new meadery! We’ve been working under the license of a local winery and have loved our conical bottomed fermentation tanks. Even more so, we have appreciated the sanitary butterfly valves which are so easy to clean and attach to the transfer pump.
    Buckwheat honey is important for a full bodied mead but it’s getting harder to find, especially local grown. We won’t use honey from outside of the U.S., can’t trust it to be pure or diluted with water. Best wishes!

  2. Araffat says:

    We do use nutrient. Honey is larelgy devoid of nutrition. Imagine your health if you ate nothing but honey! It prevents stuck fermentations and makes for happy yeast. I recommend goferm and diammonium phosphate(DAP) as nutrients.Woody Drake Brothers Drake Mead 614.886.0225

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