The Magic of Elderberry Melomel

A year or two ago I was fortunate enough to try St. Germaine, an elderberry flower liqueur and I fell in love with the flavor of of elderberry flowers. Later I decided to explore the fruits of the elder tree and infused dried elderberries into a clover honey mead and realized it was one of my most delicious mead experiments.

Tonight I made 12 gallons of elderberry and wildflower melomel (mead made from honey and fruit). The must suggests a lovely fusion of tart berry and sweet, complex honey. I plan to ferment it dry and leave it uncarbonated.

The elder tree has some traditional association with folklore about magic and witchcraft (which JK Rowlings has kept alive with her reference to the Elder Wand). The leaves and berries of the elder tree also purported to have some medicinal qualities which have been at least partially verified by modern science.

I look forward to updating you on the progress of this latest experiment, which I hope is magical, soothing and tasty too.


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